Watch Scope


The Watch Scope, analyze your watch collection wherever you are.

The Watch Scope can measure the performances of your mechanical watch in just a few seconds (rate variation, amplitude, beat error) with an exceptional measurement accuracy. The Watch Scope is a concentrate of the highest technology and the smallest chronocomparator ever built.

Technical Data

Compatibility : iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS8.2, Android 4.4

Connectivity : Jack 3.5mm, 4 pôles. (no separate mains supply)

Measuring range

Rate variation: -200s/d to +200s/d (resolution 0.1 sec/day)

Amplitude: 80° to 360° (resolution 1°)
Beat error: 0 to 10 ms (resolution 0.1 ms)

Lift angle : Ajustable from 10° to 90°

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 22 x 6 x 3 cm