Watch Analyzer

The full check-up for your timepieces

Watch Analyzer

The exclusive full check-up for your timepieces The Lepsi Watch Analyzer can measure the performance of your mechanical watch (rate variation, amplitude, and beat error) in just seconds. The first instrument ever developed with such exceptional measurement accuracy, it’s a subtle mix of the highest technology and most exquisite craftsmanship.

Designed with simple yet elegant lines, the Watch Analyzer is both distinctive and incredibly attractive. Lepsi specially selects noble materials such as leather, steel, and wood for its products. Craftsmen with outstanding workmanship assemble and finish the Watch Analyzer entirely by hand.

A full diagnosis in a few seconds

Smart-user instrument

Connect the Watch Scope to your touchpad device (smartphone or tablet), click on Start, and the Watch Scope will take care of everything.

Highest measurement accuracy

After your touchpad device has been calibrated against the atomic clock, the Watch Scope is accurate to 0.1 second per day (s/d) when measuring your timepiece’s accuracy rate.


Designed with utmost care, handmade and incorporating leather, the Watch Analyzer’s support can be produced according to specific customer requests for colors, hides, or skins.

Full watch diagnosis

The full report for your watch includes measuring the mean rate variation and the difference in amplitude between horizontal and vertical positions.

6 positions

The Watch Analyzer will tell you much about your watch, as it is designed to measure all positions used by the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC).


The Watch Scope takes care of a full watch collection and records all measurements in its database. In that way, you can follow all timepieces over the years and detect when each should be serviced.


While you can print and keep your report as a record, you can also share it via email or personalize it before sending it to your client.

Technical data


iOS: iOS 8 and above (with iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/7, iPad 3/4/5, and iPod touch)

Android: Android 4.4 and above (with a high end device like Samsung Galaxy S5/S6, Sony Xperia Z3, HTC One m7, HUAWEI Honor 7, Motorola Moto X ….. or equivalent)

Connectivity 3.5 mm jack, 4 poles (no separate AC supply)

Measuring range

Rate variation: -1000s/d to +1000s/d (+/- 0.1 sec/day)

Amplitude : 80° to 360° (+/-  1°)

Beat error : 0 to 10 milliseconds [ms] (+/-  0.1 ms)

Lift angle : Adjustable from 10° to 90°

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