Watch Magnetism

Measure and demagnetize your watch

What does it mean if a watch is magnetized?

Magnetic fields may impact a watch’s performance if they magnetize certain steel components in the movement, the balance spring in particular. This can cause the balance to speed up, resulting in the watch running fast.

The best way to avoid magnetizing a watch is to keep it away from any device that creates a magnetic field (computer, telephone, induction hotplate, etc.), especially for an extended period of time.

How can I tell that my watch is magnetized?

If your watch is running fast or slow, this can be a sign of magnetism. To be sure, you can download the LEPSI Watch Mag mobile app (for free) on iOS and you can run a diagnostic on your watch’s magnetism in a few seconds. How to use the application:

Detect the position of the magnetic sensor on your iPhone/iPad (you only have to do this the first time):

  1. Place your iPhone/iPad on a table
  2. Place a magnet above the iPhone/iPad and move it around the screen without touching the device.
  3. Observe the magnetic strength displayed by the app
  4. The higher the number, the closer the magnet is to the sensor.
  5. Once you’ve found the sensor, double click on the identified area.
  6. The sensor’s position will be represented by a circle.

After you have pinpointed the sensor, you can measure your watch’s magnetism:

  1. Click on Start and wait 3 seconds.
  2. Put your watch about 1 cm away from the sensor without having it touch the screen.
  3. If the message Magnetism detected shows up, your watch is magnetized and if not, your watch is fine.

How can I demagnetize my watch?

Luckily, although it can cause your watch to run fast, the effects of magnetization are reversible and not dangerous for your watch. To demagnetize it, all you need is a demagnetizer.

Warning: Do never try to demagnetize a quartz watch !

How to use a demagnetizer:

  1. Plug in the demagnetizer
  2. Press the Start button and hold it down until it’s finished.
  3. Slowly bring your watch towards the demagnetizer, then slowly pull it away
  4. Once your watch is more than 50 cm away from the demagnetizer, you can stop pressing the Start button.
  5. That’s all, your watch will be demagnetized.

LEPSI Watch Demagnetizer + Watch Scope
549 CHF – 498 CHF